Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Remote AH - The Gold Goblins Sniper Scope


As I'm jumping back into blogging again i was looking for some inspiration. As i perused some of my favourite WoW Blogs i found what i was looking for........ Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival.
So here's my submission and hopefully if i can can get it posted before the deadline and its worthy, Cold will be kind enough to include it with the other quality posts he will no doubt have submitted.

When the remote auction house was announced i have to admit i was one of the first to jump on the band waggon. Sure ill pay blizzard some extra money to be able to play the Auction House while i wasn't at my gaming rig. Not only that but when i found out i could use it on my iPhone i was jumping for joy. Can anybody say "mobile WoW" on my breaks at work. So i started to play with it and eventually it became an "extra string in my gold making bow". As part of this blogging carnival i wanted to explain a few reasons why i found it so useful and a couple of tips I've picked up using it.

Cross faction auction house.
This is by far the best use in my opinion for the remote AH. No longer did i need to park a toon in booty bay and login to him during my play time just to view what was available. It had actually become far too tedious to bother with to be honest, and generally rather than search for the usual cross-faction pets and recipes on the Cross faction AH i would just wait for them to appear in my factions AH and buy them out if they were at a resellable value.
On my old server (High Pop) i started using the Remote AH on my phone to not only snipe cross faction traders (Yeah i can hear the Booing and Hissing already) but also i did all my Cross faction selling and buying on my mobile app. Due to my night shift working patterns, i was often around at "Silly O'clock" and you'd be surprised what bargains i could pick up.
On my current server (Genjuros EU, aka ghost town Low Pop) i use the cross faction feature on the remote ah in a totally different way. I noticed that a alliance player was constantly posting cheap ally pets at the same time (around 4am) every other day or so. I actually remember setting up an alarm on my mobile "GO BUY PETS NOW" so that i didn't miss his posts, that's how regular his posting was. I would simply login on my mobile, buy his pets and flip them for as much as 10x what i got them for. Talk about printing money. Ive gotta admit the market has dried up recently on my AH (not only for these pets but generally on all items too) and i no longer buy from this guy, but all the gold i made was a great addition to my actual online gold grinding, and not only that but i did the majority of it whilst on the commute back home after work.

Midnight Madness
Being able to watch the AH late at night and Early in the morning really helps me get the best deals on stuff, a lot of players are logging off at this time and this puts the buyer at a great advantage. We've all done it, the raids just finished we've been playing for hours and our eyes have started to get that fuzzy hue to them. We just quickly run to the auctioneer and sell off the days haul and log off. When we return to the game the following morning we find the gold waiting in our mailboxes is a little shy? On closer inspection we find that that stack of Scarlet rubies that we thought we posted as singles at single prices was actually posted as a full stack for the price of one. Oh no the midnight madness set in and now our gold pot has been left a little less full. Now before i get even more booing and hissing I'm not one of those players anymore that would simply buyout the afore mentioned stack of rubies and just laugh at the guys silly mistake. Ive learnt over my time as a gold goblin that this isn't the best way to make gold, especially on a low pop server. I'm actually that guy who would send back maybe 19 of the rubies for COD of the amount of gold id spent on them, with a little note saying "check your pricing and get more sleep" then privately laugh at the guys silly mistake. But ignoring my karma induced tangent, there honestly there are some great Midnight Madness deals available for those whom like me cant get to a gaming rig due to being at work but can grab a few bargains on their mobile.

Addon Less.
The main against i had from the Remote AH was the lack of addons. I hadn't used a "vanilla" AH format really since the start of BC. Ive gotta admit this worried me a little and meant no doubt that i missed deals purely and simply because i didn't know what things were worth. I tried creating spread sheets, checking out WoW head and carrying a little notebook with all my server market prices on but still i would miss great deals. Well here's my little tip for those of you out there that are new to the remote AH, especially when using the app on an iphone.

On an iphone you can add websites to your home screen and the two little websites i use in conjunction with my mobile WoW armoury app are of course the Undermine Journal and  WoWuction. All you need to do is select your realm on either website and then tell safari to add that page to your home screen. Both sites are not only great for getting market values of those few items that you don't know the actual value for, but also will help you search out those extra deals.

Well i hope you found my take on the Remote AH useful, as its now free you may as well go download it and give it a try. If nothing else you can just watch your own auctions sell whilst your away from your computer, trying to come up with your next gold making scheme.

Until next time this is Kyranno saying See ya!!!

Hard Reboot, Soft Approach......

“Everyone starts at the beginning...Just be yerself. I know it's hard...But yeh'll have a great time.”
-JK Rowling

 Welcome readers to the new, more "natural" format of AWNWOW.com, Ill explain the more "natural" format later but i wanted to introduce myself. You may remember many months ago some idiot on YouTube (AKA Me...) started a new WoW mission. I was setting myself a challenge of getting a character of each horde race up to level 85 before MoP whilst rolling on a brand new server. I also set my self the target of getting maxed out as well as a 500k gold target.

Well needless to say i never got there, id like to blame it on the birth of my son, fatherhood in general, work commitments amongst other things, but i would be lying.
When i moved to the defias brotherhood (EU) server i was so set on completing my goals i would do nothing but level my toons and concentrate on earning gold. Most importantly my MMORPG was missing the Second M. I was consistently playing on my own, and although i joined a guild, there was never anybody on at the times i would play. Don't get me wrong WoW can be played Solo (I did it for the first 6 months i played) but it becomes a tedious grind when your doing it over and over again. So about 2 months ago i gave up on my mission and WoW in general. That was until i bumped into a WoW player whilst i was at work. He invited me to join his guild on a different server, So i server transferred my two highest level toons and I've been playing here ever since. WoW becomes a total different experience when your part of a great guild, whom are happy just to chat on team speak if your busy or send you mats to level those few annoying points of a profession.

At the same time as giving WoW a break i tried to create a general gaming blog with a few of my RL friends but this became short lived when most the the "bloggers" didn't realise they would have to actually provide content rather than just appear on videos. Also it became a nightmare chasing up deadlines and i soon realised i didn't have enough time to blog myself let alone stay on top of other bloggers too.
Also now I'm back playing WoW again i rarely play (or have time to play) any other games. Its difficult to write about games.

So here i am, back again playing and writing about WoW. Remember i said welcome to the more "Natural" format of AWNWOW.COM, and i told you id explain. Well last time i tried to run this blog i set myself a rigid schedule on what i would post when, i made sure i posted every day and soon it became more about quantity and less about quality. I was so swept up in the schedule that i never got to write about what i wanted and i felt i was typing for the sake of typing.

Not anymore, although i will try and bring you posts and videos when i can, i wont be making promises that i will be posting every day, or even every week ill be posting when I WANT TO, and hopefully, you my readers will appreciate the quality rather than quantity. Ill very much be taking the Blizzard approach of it will be ready when its finished and not before (this statement obviously didn't apply to D3, I'm only kidding Blizz)
Also as part of this "natural" format I'm hoping to bring you the real kyranno rather than just facts, figures and stretched blog posts, this in turn may mean the occasional post about another game, although don't expect one soon.

The wrap up the first post id like to say thank you to all my readers of my previous blogs and viewers of my older videos. Ill try and bring you some actual content soon, but until next time this is Kyranno saying see ya!!

P.S. Can you tell I've also immersed myself in the world of harry potter too (clues in the quote at the top of the page)